Athletes N to Z

The listing of who the athletes are, that we have a record of, are split into 3 pages, this one is for names N up to and including Z.

We need more information on most people, so if you know anything, please get in touch. Photographs, video clips or personal items would be greatly appreciated so that we can digitize and insert visuals into each individual page.

The Athletes

Lawrie Nisbet

Bill Noble

Alan Ovens

Norrie Paterson

Alistair Patrick

Fraser Proven

Derek Richards

Gordon Rule

Stewart Seale

Martin Sinclair

Ronnie Sinclair

Brian Suddaby

Tommy Tait

George Thomson

John Turnbull

Jim Waugh

Adrian Weatherhead

2 Responses to Athletes N to Z

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  2. Caroline Tait says:

    My close Late Uncle is Tommy Tait happy to help is it time for a history of all these wonderful people for the history of athletics


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