History of the Octavians Athletic Club

Donald Burr ( octavians1962@gmail.com) is researching the history of the Club from its beginning in 1962 to its ‘Last Supper’ in 1971. It starts with the setting up of the Club in the Spring of 1962 through to the last active season in 1970. As at 7th March 2018 Donald has detailed all the events and performances up to end of the 1969 season plus the 1971 Land O’Burns Trophy meeting. This time, we the holders of the trophy as we beat Southern in 1969 by 1 point, were the losers by 1 point. When the Club disbanded the members joined other clubs. Donald would appreciate any further information and comment. He has made contact with Robin Morris and Hugh Stevenson who enjoyed athletics well into their middle age and beyond. Donald himself ran in a few Veteran races until he was 50 and continued trail running until 68. Adrian Weatherhead ran to a very high standard in the Veteran class. Donald would like to hear from others that continued to run long after their Octavian days.

Donald has gleaned his information from www.scotstats.net/archive regarding The Rankings, The Athletes and The Championships and from The Glasgow Herald Archives which can be found on Google News Archives -news.google.co.uk/newspapers

The Inaugural meeting was held in the Royal Scots Club in Abercrombie Place in March or April 1962.Donald Burr went along as the Stewarts College
FP Athletic Club’s Secretary. Gordon Ellis represented Melville College FP, George Sinclair for Heriots and John McDonald for Watsonians.

Who represented Trinity, Boroughmuir, Royal High and Edinburgh Academy?   John McDonald had recently bought himself out the Army.  He had been to Sandhurst and was now working at the Outfitters, Kinloch Anderson at 16 George Street. John was a Shot Putter and it is he who suggested the name Octavians.

There was considerable talent in the FP clubs, but was thinly spread. Looking at the Scotstats from 1959 through to 1961, the following names from the above mentioned schools give a good picture of how a Barbarian type athletic club could do well in Edinburgh and Scottish Athletics.

Edinburgh Academy

Royal High
Peter Bell 1960 100y 10.2 16th

Alex B Burns 1959 880y 1m59.6 30th; 1959 1m 4m23.6 25th; 1960 880y 1m56.9 16th

Frank Dick 1960 100yy 10.2 10th; 220y 22.6 12th; 440y 51.2 23rd; 1961 220y 23.1 27th
CR SAAA 1961 2nd 440H


John Barnet 1960 100y 10.1 9th

Ian C Grant(20/11/41) 1959 LJ 6.3 23rd; 1960 HJ 1.14 18th;1961 110mH 16.8 13th;Dec 4266 5th;
CR SAAA 1961 3rd LJ

John Macdonald (Army)
1961 SP 14.01m 6th, DT 37.85m 10th

Douglas M McNish
1958 880 1min.56.6 14th; 1959 1mile 4min 21.5 18th; 1960 1mile 4min.17.9 10th.

Alistair J Patrick
1961 100 10.2 20th; 220 22.8 14th

George Thomson
1959 JT 54.24 2nd; 1960 DT 33.72 29th; JT 53.67 7th; Dec 4209 7th; 1961 DT 34.82 29th; JT 50.53 7th; CR SAAA 1959 JT 2nd;

Michael E L Weir(1938)
1959 120H 16.3 8th; 440H 57.1 6th; 1960 120H 16.6 13th; 440H 57.6 8th; 1961 440h 58.3 9th; CR SAAA 1959 3rd 440H;


Stewarts Melville FP 2_edited-1                                        Stewarts College running track at Inverleith

Donald Burr(03/09/1937) 1960 440 51.3 27th:East District 3rd 440 51.6;other times in 1960 – 440y 51.4,51.6,51.9, ; 220y 23.5 ;1961 East District 440 4th; SAAA heats 52.2:
CR SAAA 1960 440 5th

Sandy Hinshelwood (1942)
1960 100 10.3 27th; 220 23.1 25th

W.Fraser Proven (30/10/42)
1960 HJ 1.7 26th; 1961 120H 15.7 4th;

Gordon B R Shannon(05/08/43)
1961 100 10.2 20th; LJ 6.64 11th;

Thomas E W Tait (07/07/41)
1960 LJ 6.44 26th; 1961 100 10.2 20th; 220 23.0 22nd; 1961 LJ 6.48 16th;

Jack Marwick 880;

Duncan Brown 1m

Gordon Ellis 1959 LJ 6.50 14th: 1960 100y 10.3 27th; 1961 LJ 6.47 17th;

Bob Hay (19/11/38)
1959 220y 22.1 5th;440y 49.1 6th; 440yH 56.0 2nd 1960 100m 11.0 4th; 110mH 16.8 16th; 220y 22.8 16th;440y 49.7 7th; 440yH 54.5 1st; Dec 4920 3rd; 1961 220y 23.0 22nd; 440y 49.2 5th; 440yH 54.9 1st; PV 3.2m 14th; Dec 5088 3rd
CR SAAA 1959 1st 440yH 56.7, 2nd 440y 49.1; 1960 1st 440yH 55.0, 2nd Dec; 1961 1st 440yH 54.9, 2nd 440y 49.2, 3rd Dec.

Hunter Mabon(1939)Field Events and Decathlon. SAAA 1st in Shot Putt 1959 to 1961 and Decathlon in 1960

Eric Tainsh
1959 100 10.1 8th; 220 22.9 19th; 1960 100 10.3 27th; 220 22.9 18th;

William M Johnstone
1961 LJ 6.7m/6.74w 9th

John Jones 927/10/34
1959 HJ 1.78m 11th, LJ 6.63m 9th, Dec 4447 3rd: 1960 HJ 1.78m 13th,PV 3.20m 8th, LJ 6.69m 7th, Dec 4879 4th; 1961 100m 11.00 4th, 220y 22.7 12th,HJ 1.82m 12th, PV 3.36m 8th, LJ 6.78m 7th, DT 35.05m 23rd, JT 45.78 27th, Dec 5520 2nd.
CR SAAA 1960 3rd Dec, 1961 2nd LJ, 2nd Dec

Derek Richards
1959 100 10.3 25th

John Turnbull
1959 880 1min 54.9 7th; 1960 440 51.00 17th; 880 1min. 58.00 21st; 1961 880 1min.54.6 8th;

Norrie Paterson (29/12/41)
1959 100 10.2 15th; 220 22.3 7th;LJ 6.77 5th; 1960 100 10.1 9th; 220 22.5 9th; HJ 1.7 26th; LJ 6.72 6th; 1961 100 10.1 11th


Our first President was Robbie Robertson, a Stewarts FP who was manager of Lillywhites, the Sports Outfitter at the West End of Princes Street. George Sinclair was appointed Secretary and the other attendees made up the initial committee. The first such committee meeting was held in Gordon Ellis’s CA’s office in Drumsheugh Gardens. George was responsible for arranging fixtures. In 1966 Jim Patrick of Watsonians took over as President and Donald Burr as Secretary.

The information regarding the fixtures and performances of the Club and it’s members has come from going through The Glasgow Herald’s Archive ( which can be found on Google News Archives- news.google.co.uk/newspapers), especially the Monday editions from April to September for the years 1962 to 1971.  Further information is welcomed from  past members  personal records and press cuttings.

On the website at present there is mention of the Jenkins brothers, but Donald’s researches have discovered no mention of them ever having run for Octavians. It also mentioned winning the Evening Dispatch Trophy for the best team at the East District Championships but no record of that could be found.

The Evening Dispatch Results are:
1964 1.Edinburgh Univ. 49 2= ESH and Octavians 29 each
1965 1.ESH 4 firsts, 7 seconds and 2 thirds ; Octavians 4 firsts, 4 seconds and 3 thirds
1966 1.ESH 46 2.Edin.Univ. 41 3. Octavians 39
1967 1.ESH 54 2. Edin.Univ. 44 3.Aberdeen Univ. 4.Octavians 28

The Club competed in the Land O’Burns Trophy at Dam Park, Ayr on 6 occasions:-
11/08/1962 1. Bellahouston 50, 2. ESH 48 3. Octavians 45
08/08/1964 Bob Hay, Tony Hogarth and Fraser Proven were running for Scotland v. Ireland at the same meeting, so Octavians were greatly weakened.
14/08/1965 1. ESH 2. Octavians 48 3. Ayr 45
01/08/1966 1.ESH 70 2.Octavians 62 3. EAC
28/07/1967 1.ESH 2.Octavians 3. Bellahouston
17/05/1969 1. Octavians45 2.ESH 44 3.Ayr 44

The Octavians were medal winners in the SAAA Relays
SAAA 4 x 110 Relay
1965 1. Glasgow Univ. 43.2 2.ESH 43.6 3. Octavians 43.6
1966 1. Garscube 42.6 2. ESH 43.3 3. Octavians 43.4 (14th fastest for the years 1948 -1968) The fastest time was 42.4

SAAA 4 x 440 Relay
1963 1.Glasgow Univ. 3min.19.3 (beat the previous best time by 3 secs) 2.Octavians 3min.19.5 (5th fastest time for the period 1953 – 1968; the fastest time was 3mim.18.6 by Victoria Park in 1968)
1964 1.Glasgow Univ. 3min.19.1 2. Ayr 3. Octavians

SAAA 1 Mile Medley Relay
1963 1.Ayr 3min.38.0 2. Bellahouston 3.Octavians
1966 1.Bellahouston 3min.32.1 2. Octavians 3min.33.4 (12th fastest for period 1919-1968;fastest by Edinburgh Univ in 1957) 3. Springburn 3min.33.7
1968 1.Bellahouston 3min.37.8 2. Bellahouston B 3min.38.4 3. Octavians 3min. 42.9
SAAA 1600metres Medley Relay
1969 1. Victoria Park 3min. 23.7 2. Bellahouston 3min. 24.5 3. Octavians 3min. 27.2
(6th fastest for period 1969-1999)

Numerous members were SAAA champions or medallists or finalists in the Club’s lifetime 1962 to 1970 and some ran for Scotland. The details of the Club and its members performances are detailed below.


Wednesday 10th May 1962 EAC v.Octavians

Cold driving rain and gale force wind

Saturday 19th May 1962 Melrose Sports

Medley Relay (880,2×220,440) 3. Octavians

Wednesday 23rd May 1962. Edinburgh University v.ESH and Octavians
440 yds.1.Frank Dick 50.3. 2. J.Turnbull

Saturday 26th  May 1962. East District Championships at Meadowbank

440 1.R L Hay(EU)50.9 2.J.Turnbull(EP)
120yd Hurdles  1.Bellah(HMS Caledonia)2.Leach(Aberdeen) 3.Fraser Proven(O)                  440yd Hurdles 1.R L Hay(EU)57.8 2. Mike Weir(O)  3.
High Jump 1.Smith(Dundee) 6ft 2. J.A.Jones(O) 3.
Long Jump 1.McKechnie(ESH) 20’4″ 2.I W Grant(W) 3. J.A.Jones(O)
Pole Vault 1.Earle(ESH)12’6″ 2.Stevenson(EU)3.J A Jones(O)
Shot Putt 1.Bryce(EU) 44’0″ 2. J.D.McDonald(O)  3..
Javelin   1.Hobson(EU) 173’8″ 2.Reid(Dundee) 3. G.Thompson /strong
Junior 120H 1.A Hogarth 14.7

Saturday 9th June 1962.Lockerbie Sports

4 x 300yd Relay 1.Octavians (T.Tait, J.Marwick, S.Laird and D.Burr)

Saturday  25th June 1962     S.A.A.A.   Championships at Meadowbank
120yd Hurdles 1.Bellah(RN)15.2 2.McLeod(AU)16.3 3.Fraser Proven(O) 16.4
Shot Putt 1.Sutherland(GU)46’1″ 2.J.D.McDonald(O)45’2″3.McPherson(Pit) 44’11”

Saturday 11th August 1962 Land O’Burns at Ayr
Gale force wind and flooded track.
1. Bellahouston 50 2.ESH 48 3.Octavians 45
440 Hurdles A 1. Frank Dick 57.7

880 yds 1.Davidson(Ayr) 1m56.6 2.Ballantyne(ESH) 3. Frank Dick (o)
4 x 110 relay 1.Octavians 44.3 2.VP 3.Ayr


Wednesday 15th May 1963 Edinburgh University B v. Octavians
220 yds 1. 2. 3.D.J.Burr 24.0
440 yds 1.D.J.Burr 52.9

Wednesday 22nd May 1963 Edinburgh University v. Octavians
440 yds 1. T.Tait 50.5 2. D J Burr 52.2

Saturday 25th May 1963. East District Championships
220yds 1.Togher ESH 22.3 2. T.Tait
440yds 1. T.Tait 49.7 2.R.L.Hay
120yds Hurdles 1.Bellah(RN) 15.9 2. W.F.Proven
PV 1. D.Stevenson 13ft 1″(record) 2.J A Jones.

Saturday 10th June 1963 SAAA Decathlon at Redford

1. J.A.Jones 5347 points
2. I.C.Grant 4739 points
It was reported that John Jones had had little time to train because of cartiledge trouble

Saturday 15th June 1963  S.A.A.A. 4 x 440yds Relay Championship at Goldenacre
Heat 1. Octavians
Final 1. Glasgow University 3min.19.3 (New Scottish Native Record) 2.Octavians 3min 19.5
Previous record 3min.22.3. Octavians time was the 5th fastest for the 4 x 440 by the time the metric 4 x 400 came in 1969. The fastest time and record was Victoria Park in 1968 with 3min.18.6,followed by Edinburgh Southern in the same year with 3min.18.8, 3rd Glasgow Univ. 3min.19.1 in 1963 and 3min.19.3 in 1964 . Octavians team were – 1st leg John Turnbull in 49.9 in the lead
2nd leg Donald Burr in 50.9 to maintain lead
3rd leg Tommy Tait in 49.1 to increase lead to 20yds
last leg Bob Hay in 49.6 who was overtaken by Ming Campbell(47.5) in the last 20 yards to lose by 0.2 secs

Also at Goldenacre that day a future member of the Club, A L Heath of Edinburgh Academy won the Scottish Schools Pole Vault with a height of 10ft.

Saturday 22nd June 1963 SAAA Championships at Meadowbank
440 1. 2. 3.T.Tait 50.1

440 Hurdles 1. R.L.Hay 55.5

Wednesday 5th July 1963 SAAA v.Atalanta
Tommy Tait ran for SAAA in the 220 and 440 and was a member of the 4 x 440 relay team who won in a time of 3min 20.8

Saturday 3rd August 1963 Bridge of Allan Games

Pole Vault 1. J A Jones 13’3 1/2
1 Mile Medley Relay 1. Octavians 3min 43.7
Team 880 J. Turnbull. 220 A.Patrick and M.Bathgate. 440 T.Tait

Saturday 10th August 1963 Home Scots v Anglo Scots at Scotstoun

Tommy Tait 2nd in 51.4 in 440
Fraser Proven 2nd in the 120 Hurdles in 15.3

Saturday 17th August 1963 Edinburgh Highland games at Murrayfield
A.J.Patrick ran a leg of the 4×110 relay for the Scotland team

Saturday 9th September 1963 Shotts Highland Games
SAAA 1 mile Medley Relay 1.Ayr 2. Bellahouston 3.Octavians
HJ (h/cp) 2. J A Jones

Saturday 2nd May 1964. Aberdeen Univ. v. EdinburghUniv.& Octavians  at Aberdeen

440yds 1. T.Tait 51.7
120Yds Hurdles 1. W F Proven 15.7
440yds Hurdles 1.R L Hay 58.5
HJ 1. J A Jones 5ft 8″
Edinburgh Univ. 79, Aberdeen Univ. 70, Octavians 33

Saturday 16th May 1964 St. Andrews Univ. v. Bellahouston v. Octavians

440yds 1. T.Tait 50.6
880yds 1. J Turnbull 1min.57.1
120yds Hurdles 1. A Hogarth 15.3
440yds Hurdles 1. 57.0
HJ 1. J A Jones 5ft 6″
LJ 1. I C Grant 21ft 1 1/4″
TJ 1. I C Grant 45ft 2″
PV 1. J A Jones 11ft
SP 1. W.Noble 41ft 5″
Bellahouston 102 St.Andrews 99 ; Bellahouston 106 Octavians 80;
and St.Andrews 94 Octavians 92.

Saturday 23rd May 1964. League- Octavians v Shettleston v Victoria Park at Redford
100yds 1. A Patrick 10.0
220yds  1.   22.2  2. A Patrick
440yds 1. T Tait 51.1 2. D J Burr
880yds 1. I McPherson (VP) 1min 55.2 by 6yds from 2.J Turnbull(O)
120Yds Hurdles 1.A Hogarth 15.7 2.W F Proven
440yds Hurdles 1.A Hogarth 57.4 2. R L Hay
LJ 1. I Grant 21ft 1 1/2″
TJ 1. I Grant 42ft 8 1/2″
Discus 1.D Lyle 127ft 2 1/2″
PV 1. 10ft 6″ 2 I Grant
4 x 110 Relay 1. Octavians 44.6 2. Victoria Park
4 x 440 Relay 1. Octavians 3min 32.1 (Turnbull, Burr, Hay and Tait)
Octavians 97 Victoria Park 88; Shettleston 100 Octavians 91; Shettleston 99 Victoria Park 99.

Saturday 30th May 1964 East District Championships at Meadowbank
dispatch trophy 1. Edinburgh Univ. 47 2= ESH and Octavians 29
440yds 1. T Tait 50.9
880yds 1.J C Douglas(ESH) 1min.54.8 2.J Turnbull
120yds Hurdles 1. A Hogarth 2. W F Proven
LJ 1. 2. 3. J A Jones
PV 1.D.Stevenson(EU) 14ft 2. J A Jones

Saturday 6th June 1964 Octavians v Edinburgh AC at Redford

Octavians 78 EAC 58

Saturday 20h June 1964. SAAA 4 x 440 Relay Championship at Babcock and Wilcox Sports at Moorcroft Park, Renfrew.
1. Glasgow Univ. 3min 19.1(0.2 inside last year’s record performance) 2. Ayr Seaforth – 5 yards behind and 3rd Octavians

Saturday 27th June 1964 SAAA Championships at Meadowbank

120yds Hurdles 1.Brown(GU) 15.6 2. W.F.Proven 15.7
440yds Hurdles 1.A.Hogarth 54.9 2. R L Hay 55.3
LJ 1. I C Grant 23ft 0 1/4″

Saturday 11th July 1964 Octavians v Pitreavie at Redford
In cold and blustery conditions Octavians won by 82 points
100yds 1. M Bathgate
220yds 1. M.Bathgate 23.6 2.T Tait
440yds 1. T Tait 52.2 2. I Grant
880yds 1. J Turnbull 2mins
1 mile 1. (P) 4min 45.5 2. 3 D F K Brown
3 miles 1. 2. D F K Brown
HJ 1. H Stevenson 5ft 6″ 2.
LJ 1. 19ft9″ 2. 3. (O)
TJ 1. I C Grant 40ft9″
Jav 1. A L Heath 172ft
PV 1. J A Jones 12ft 5″

Saturday 18th July 1964 An Edinburgh Select team composed of members of Octavians, Edinburgh Southern Harriers and Edinburgh University beat a Scandanavian team Nykoping and Malmo Sports Clubs by 106 points to 74 at Craiglockhart.

100yds 1. M Bathgate
220yds 1.M Bathgate 22.6 (personal best)
440yds 1. T E W Tait 49.6 (personal best)
440yds Hurdles 1. R L Hay 56.3
LJ 1. I C Grant 22ft 9 1/2″

Saturday 1st August 1964 Bridge of Allan Games
100yds h/cap 1. M Bathgate off 2 in 10.7 and 2nd S Laird off 4 1/2

Saturday 8th August 1964. Land O’Burns at Dam Park,Ayr
100yds 1. B Murdoch(BellaH)10.5 2. M Bathgate(O)
220yds 1. Duff (Ayr) 23.0 2. A Patrick (O)
440yds 1. T Tait (O) 50.5
4 x 110 Relay 1.Octavians 44.2 ( Tait, Stevenson, Laird and Bathgate) 2.Bellahouston

At the same meeting was a Scotland v Ireland match in which the following Octavians competed
120yds Hurdles 1.G Brown 15.2 2 W F Proven
440yds Hurdles 1.R L Hay 55.4 2. A Hogarth

Saturday 15th August 1964 Edinburgh Highland Games and Edinburgh v Munich at Murrayfield
440yds 1. R Billson 49.5 2. T Tait


Saturday 8th May 1965. Octavians v. Edinburgh Southern Harriers v.St.Andrews University at Redford.

ESH and Octavians won their opening matches in the Scottish Athletic League Division 1. The wind and rain made conditions far from easy. ESH 113 St.Andrews 84; Octavians 95 1/2 St.Andrews 91 1/2.
David Stevenson (ESH) when competing in the Pole Vault damaged his right ankle attempting to clear 12’6″. The ligaments were severely strained- an injury that could keep him out of action for some time.

Saturday 22nd May 1965
At the Edinburgh University v. Glasgow University match at Craiglockhart, future member of the Club, Hugh Stevenson won the 120yd Hurdles in 16.4.

Saturday 29th May 1965. East District Championships at Meadowbank
Alan Heath broke W R Mackenzie’s Scottish Native Record of 204’11” with a throw of 211′.Only the second person to throw the javelin over 200feet at Meadowbank, he was still a junior, which made his performance highly noteworthy.
The Evening Dispatch Trophy was won by Edinburgh Southern with 4 firsts, 7 seconds and 3 thirds.. Octavians were second with 4 firsts, 4 seconds and 3 thirds.

100 yards 1.J.Togher (ESH) 10secs, 2. J.Derrick(ESH), 3. Gordon Shannon(O)
440 yards 1. A.Stewart(EAC) 50.2, 2.Ian G McCallum(O) 3.Tommy Tait(O)
880 yards 1. J C Douglas(ESH) 1m53.5s 2.Martin Sinclair(O) 3.J.Ewing(Aber)
120yds.Hurdles 1. Tony Hogarth(O)14.8,2.Fraser Proven(O),3.A T Murray(ESH)
440yds Hurdles 1.Tony Hogarth(O)56.2),2.Murray(ESH), 3.D.Kelk(St.Andrews)
High Jump 1.D.B.McIntosh(O)5’8″ 2.A.Santini(EU) 3.N.Ross(Dundee)
Pole Vault 1.C.Balchin(EU) 11’6″ 2.I.Dobson(Heriots)
Shot Putt 1.McPherson(Pitreavie) 46’3″ 2. L.Bryce(EU) 3.Bill Noble(O)
Javelin 1.Alan Heath(O) 211′(SNR) 2.Eddy(EU) 3.D.Fowlie (EU)
Junior Events
120yds Hurdles 1.Hugh Stevenson(EU15.00 2.Gill Borthwick(O)3.IanDobson(heriots)

The following Octavians were selected for the East Team to meet the West at Pitreavie on Wednesday 9th June 1965 :-
440 yards Ian McCallim
120yds Hurdles Tony Hogarth and Fraser Proven
440yds Hurdles Tony Hogarth
4×110 yds relay Tony Hogarth
Pole Vault John Jones

Saturday 5th June 1965. Scottish Universities Athletic Championships at Aberdeen
Notable performances by a member and a future members of the Octavians:- Martin Sinclair ‘showed rare patience in the 880 yards’ in a well judged race to win in a personal best of 1min.53.7s.
Hugh Stevenson won the 1290yds Hurdles in 16.6s.

Saturday 6th June 1965. Octavians v. Edinburgh AC at Redford.

Octavians beat EAC by 78 points to 65.
100yards 1.Mike Bathgate 10.3
220yards 1.Mike Bathgate 22.6
440yards 1.Ian McCallum 50.4
880yards 1.A Stewart (EAC) 1m56.9s
1 Mile 1.Frank Dick 4min 26.6s
4×110 1.EAC 48.0
High Jump 1.Fraser Proven 5’2″
Long Jump 1.D.Matheson(EAC) 19’3
Shot Putt 1.Bill Noble 41’1″
Discus 1.L.Norvik(EAC) 114’4″
Javelin 1.Bill Noble 157’11”

Saturday 12th June 1965. Edinburgh Southern v. Octavians v. Shettleston Harriers at Redford in a Scottish Athletics League match

ESH 114 Shettleston 86
Octavians 109 Shettleston 97

Saturday 19th June 1965 .Scottish Championship Relays at Goldenacre.

4 x 110 relay 1.Glasgow Univ 43.2 2. ESH 43.6 3.Octavians 43.6

Saturday 26th June 1965. Scottish Championships

220yards 1.W M.Campbell(Glasgow Univ) 2.Osborne(EU)3.Mike Bathgate(o)
120yds Hurdles 1.Fraser Proven(o)14.6 2. Tony Hogarth(Heriots)14.8)3. Brown(GU) 14.9
Javelin 1.RiachJTC) 188’4″ 2.Alan Heath 180’8″ 3.Smith(Shett)173’1″

Saturday 10th July 1965

Tony Hogarth(Heriots) was fourth in the 120 yds Hurdles in 14.6, helped by a wind of 0.5m/sec, well inside the limit, so his time was a 2furth of Scotland” record.

Saturday 10th July 1965. Octavians Open Meeting at Redford
Mike Bathgate(O) and D.Walker(ESH) had three winseach in the men’s section .
Mike won the 100 in 10.3, the 220 in 23.3 and the 440 in 51.8.

Saturday 18th July 1965. The Second Octavians Open meeting at Redford

Tony Hogarth (Heriots AC) won the 120yards(not Hurdles!) in 12.8,, and the 330yards in 34.1.. Neil Donachie (EAC) won the 660 yds in 1m26.3s and the 3/4mile in 3m.16.8. Peter Burgess (Watson) won the Long Jump with 21’7″ and the Triple Jump in 43’8″

Sunday 25th July 1965. The first Midlothian Championships at Redford
Mike Bathgate(o) was the outstanding performer in the track events. He won the 100 and the 440 as well as second place behind Tony Hogarth in the 220. His times were excellent on a heavy track.

100 yards 1. Mike Bathgate(O) 10.2. 2.Tony Hogarth(Heriots). 3.Gill Borthwick(Heriots)
220yards 1. Hogarth 22.7 2.Bathgate 3. Walker(ESH)
440 yards 1. Bathgate 50.5 2.Convery(EAC) 3.Keddie(ESH)
120 yds Hurdles 1. Hogarth 15.0 2. Murray (ESH) 3.Borthwick
440 yds Hurdles 1. Murray 58.7 2.Walker(ESH) 3.Fraser Proven(O)
High Jump 1. Hugh Stevenson(EU) 5’6″
Long Jump 1. Walker 20’11” 2. Bill Golden (Trinity)
Discus 1. Derek Lyle(Heriots) 129’4 1/2

Saturday 31st July 1965 SAAA v British Army at Pitreavie.
One of the outstanding performers was Sergeant Ives who created an Army record with a splendid javelin throw of 224’4 1/2″, more than 32′ better than that achieved by A L Heath 
L/Cpl Gooden beat Mike Bathgate in the 220yds in 22.8. Later he gave Bathgate a start and beating in the last leg of the 4×110 relay.

120yds Hurdles 1.Legge(Army) 2. Fraser Proven 3. Tony Hogarth
Discus 1.Shoesmith(Army) 2.Grant(Army) 3. Derek Lyle SAAA
120yds Hurdles 1. Borthwick 2.Hugh Stevenson
Pole Vault 1. Cribb 11’9″ 2.A.L.Heath
High Jump 1. Souter 5’6″ 2. Hugh Stevenson

Sunday 8th August 1965. League Match Octavians v.ESH v.Victoria Park

Edinburgh Southern unbeaten in the League continued in winning style by beating Octavians by 106 to 87 and Victoria Park 114 to 81. Octavians beat Victoria Park 108 to 102.
4×110 relay 1. Octavians 44.4sec
Long Jump 1.Ian Grant 21’0″
Shot Putt 1.Bill Noble 41’5 1/2″
Javelin 1.Alan Heath 185’4 1/2″

Saturday 24th April 1966 at Redford.
SAAA Coaching Committee’s first of the summer competitions in the East District

The following Octavians (including future members) took part.

440yds 1. Ian McCallum 51.9
1 mile 1. Adrian Weatherhead (Heriot Watt)4min.24sec 120yds Hurdles 1. Tony Hogarth 16.5sec
High Jump 1. John Jones 5’10”

Sunday 22nd May 1966 Octavians v. ESH v. Victoria Park

Although ESH were without some of their leading athletes, they had sufficient all round strength to win the triangular contest of 17 events. ESH 73 points, Octavians 56 and Victoria Park 53.
The Octavian winners were :-
440yds Ian McCallum 50.5 secs
880 yards Adrian Weatherhead 1min. 59 sec
1 mile Adrian Weatherhead 4min. 31.6 secs
120yds hurdles Tony Hogarth 14.9 sec
Shot Putt G.McPherson 43’7 1/2

Saturday 28th May 1966. East District Championships at Meadowbank

In the “Sports Dispatch” team contest run in conjunction with the Championships, Edinburgh Southern Harriers regained the trophy with 46 points. Edinburgh University had 41 and Octavians 39. ESH last won in 1963 and they have now won it six times.

440yds 1. Ian McCallum (O) 49.6 2. M.Dioxon (Aberdeen Univ.) 3.A Stewart (EAC)
880yds 1. J.Douglas (ESH) 1min 53.6. Adrian Weatherhead (O) 3. D Reid (Esk)
120yds hurdles 1. Tony Hogarth (O) 14.4 2.A.Murray (ESH) 3. Fraser Proven (O)
440yds hurdles 1. A.Murray (ESH)55.6 2. Bob Hay(O) 3. H.Stevenson (Edin.Univ.)
High Jump 1. J.A.Jones (O)5’10” 2. G.Owen(Edin.Univ.) 3.K.Clubb (Edin.Univ.)
Shot Putt 1. G.McPherson (O) 44’10” 2. J.Scott (ESH) 3. Bill Noble (O)
Javelin 1. Alan Heath (O) 189’6 1/2″ 2.J.Burnett (Heriots) 3. J.Eddy (Edin.Univ.)
Pole Vault 1. David Stevenson 15’4″ (UK National and Scottish National Records)
2. C.Balchin (Edin.Univ.)& Stewart Seale.

Saturday 4th June 1966. SAAA v. Midland Counties v. Wales at Wolverhampton
The Glasgow Herald’s athletics correspondent said  if proof was needed that Scottish athletics was on a the highest summit it has yet reached, the the result of the triangular fixture at Wolverhampton on Saturday provided a mosy convincing argument, with some of their better known men absent, scored 50 points to the Midland Counties 36 and Wales 29.
One of the highlights was W M Campbell beating Wales’s Lynn Davies in the 100yds in a time of 9.6 with L.Piggott second in 9.8.
Octavian’s Ian McCallum was third in the 440 with 51.3 – the winner D.Martin (Midlands) 49.9 and Tony Hogarth was third in the 120yds hurdles in 15.5. The winner’s time was 14.7

Wednesday 9th June 1966 West v.East at Pitreavie

The following Octavians represented the East District.
440yds 1. E Dickson (E) 49.5 2. Ian McCallum(O)
880yds 1. R.Hodelet (W) 1min.50.4 2.J.Mclean (W) 3.Adrian Weatherhead (E)
120yd hurdles 1. Tony Hogarth (O) 14.8 2. Murray(E) 3. Brown (W)

Saturday 18th June 1966. Scottish Schools Championships at Westerlands

Two future members of the club Gordon Rule (Heriots) and C M Heath (Edinburgh Academy) were first and second in the Pole Vault. Gordon Rule (Heriots) won the Eric Liddell Trophy for the most meritorious performance with 12ft pole vault ( a new 15-17 year old record). Heath did 11’6″.

Saturday 27th June 1966. SAAA Championships at New Meadowbank

120yds hurdles 1.Tony Hogarth (O)15.4 2.A Murray (ESH) 3. Fraser Proven(O) 15.9
Shot Putt 1.D Edmunds(S/clyde) 49’2″ 2.A.Sutherland(A/Scot)46′
3. I McPherson(O) 44’4 1/2″
Long Jump 1.A.Harvey(ESH) 21’3 1/2″ 2. Bill Golden(O)21’1 3/4″
3. J.Donaldson(Jordan) 20’8 3/4″
Pole Vault 1. C M Heath(O) 11’9″ 2.M Sweeney(Army)9’9″ 3. S Scott(Army)7’6″

Sunday 24th July 1966 Octavians v. Edinburgh Southern v. Forth Valley at Grangemouth

Octavians gained their first win over ESH when they beat the champions by 112 points to 82 in their opening Scottish league contest ESH beat Forth 73 to 38.
Two Octavians gained double wins – Mike Bathgate in the 100 and 220 and Martin Sinclair in the 880 and 1 Mile.
100yds 1. Mike Bathgate 10.5
220yds 1. Mike Bathgate 22.3
440yds 1. Ian McCallum 50.6
880yds 1. Martin Sinclair 1m 54.5s
1 Mile 1. Martin Sinclair 4m 28.7s
Pole Vault 1. C M Heath 11’0″
High Jump 1.D McIntosh 5’10”
Shot Putt 1. Bill Noble 43’5 1/2″
Hammer 1.P.Culhane 53’6 1/2″
Javelin 1. N Burnett 176’2″
4×110 relay 1.Octavians( D Bruce,T.Tait,R Patrick & M Bathgate 43.00
4×440 relay 1.Octavians(T Tait, D Ritchie,M Sinclair & I McCallum) 3m 29.1s

Saturday 30th July 1966 Land O’Burns Trophy meeting at Dam Park,Ayr

H.Baillie(Shettleston) equalled the Scottish Native Record for the 440yds held by J McIssac and W M Campbell and set a meeting record of 48secs. He won his heat comfortably in 50.5 beating by 0.3 secs Ian McCallum(Octavians), winner over the same distance in the East v.West match. In the final he again beat McCallum, this time by 20 yards and looked the winner at half distance.
In the 880yds A D Middleton(Shettleston) made all the running and won by 8 yards from Adrian Weatherhead(Octavians) in the good time of 1m 53.2 – a meeting record.
Edinburgh Southern retained the 4x110yds relay in a track and meeting record of 43.1. ESH retained the trophy winning the club contest with 72 points to Octavians 62. Third was EAC32,4= Bellahouston and Victoria Park 31,6. Shettleston 28, 7. Ayr Seaforth 26, 8. Springburn 18 and 9. Garscube 12.
100yds 1.L.Piggott(Garscube)10.00 2.Mike Bathgate(O)
440yds 1.H.Baillie(Bellahouston) 48.00 2.Ian McCallum(O)
880yds 1.A.Middleton(Springburn) 1m 53.2s 2.Adrian Weatherhead(O)
120yds hurdles 1.A.Murray(ESH) 15.4 2.Fraser Proven(O)
Discus 1.Bill Noble(O) 163’2″ 2. W.Cummings(ESH)
4x110relay 1.ESH 43.1 2. Octavians 3.Bellahouston
1 Mile Medley relay.1.Octavians( Weatherhead, D Bruce, M.Bathgate & D McRitchie
(880,220,220&440) 3min 34.1s 2.ESH 3. Bellahouston
Note that 5 weeks later in the SAAA Medley relay, the club improved on that time with 3m 33.4 to take 2nd place to Bellahouston’s 3m 32.1s

Saturday 5th August 1966 Strathallan Highland Games

100yds hcp 1. D.Bruce(O)(5 1/2yds) 10.00 2. L.Piggott(Garscube)
880yds hcp 1. J C Douglas(Teviot)(8) 1m 53.9 2.Adrian Weatherhead(o)(14)
Shot Putt hcp 1. J.Scot(Glas.Pol)(5’6″) 50’6″ 2.Bill Noble(O)(6’6″)
Medley Relay 1. Bellahouston 2m 46.4s 2.Octavians
Junior 100yds 1. D.McRitchie(O) (5) 10.2

Sunday 6th August 1966 Scottish League Octavians v. Shettleston at Grangemouth

Octavians maintained their unbeaten record in the Scottish League with a 124 to 67 win over Shettleston
Octavians winners were:=
100yds 1.Mike Bathgate 10.5
220yds 1.Mike Bathgate 23.0
440yds 1.D McRitchie 51.1
880yds 1.Adrian Weatherhead 1m 59.7s
120yds hurdles 1.Fraser Proven 17.0
440yds hurdles 1.Ian Dobson 62.2
High Jump 1.John Jones 5’8″
Long Jump 1. John Jones 20’9″
Triple Jump 1.Tommy Tait 42’2 1/2″
Pole Vault 1. Ian Dobson 10′
Discus 1.John Jones 119’1 1/2″
Javelin 1. J F Burnett 172’8 1/2″
4×110 relay 1. Octavians (D.Bruce,T.Tait,D McRitchie & M.Bathgate) 43.8

Saturday 20th August 1966 Edinburgh Highland Games at New Meadowbank
The Games were held at New Meadowbank for the first time and under a constant downpour the following Octavians athletes took part:-
Gordon Rule (Heriots) in the Pole Vault and I McPherson 2nd in the Shot Putt.
Octavians were third in the SAAA 4×110 relay with a time of 43.4(14th fastest for the years 1948-1968). Garscube were 1st in 42.6 and ESH 2nd in 43.3.

Saturday 3rd September 1966 Shotts Highland Games

The Herald reported that Bellahouston were considered joint favourite with Octavians for the Scottish Medley relay championship, especially when it was known that H.Baillie, the Scottish 440 yards champion would not be available. W.Robertson took over the role of anchor man for the final 440yards run.
The 880 yards with G.Grant(Dumbarton), A.Stewart (EAC) and Adrian Weatherhead(Octavians) and A J McLean(Bellahouston) was indeed a classic field of performers. Grant the favourite to lead the field was well and truly beaten by McLean.
This unexpected situation produced fresh and vigourous life into the Bellahouston team, who ran inspiringly to beat Octavians by 10yards in 3min 32.1 – new games record. Octavians time of 3min.33.4 was 12th fastest for the period 1919 -1968..Springburn were third in 3min.42.9.
The other Octavian performance was John Jones’s 2nd place in the High Jump, the winner C.Julien of Victoria Park clearing 6ft2″.

Saturday 10th September 1966 Dunblane Highland Games

880yds hcp 1. W.Cameron (Perth)(52) 1min 59.5 2. Adrian Weatherhead(O) (10)


Saturday 13th May 1967 Invitation Match at Grangemouth

At an inter club contest between Edinburgh Southern v Billingham v. Victoria Park, an invitation mile produced a fast race with Lachie Stewart(Vale of Leven) first in 4min.5sec-a personal best. Hugh Barrow was second and Adrian Weatherhead {Octavians}third in 4min.6.6secs, which was also a personal best.

Saturday 20th May 1967 17 Event Triangular Inter Club Contest at Craiglockhart

Edinburgh University were winners with 85 points, Octavians had 60 and a weakened Edinbrgh Southern had 42. A future Octavian, Gordon Rule aged 16 of Heriots was a guest in the pole vault and cleared 13’6″, the best performance by a youth in Britain.

The SAAA team for the British Isles Athletics Cup to be held at Grangemouth on 10th June 1967 included Tony Hogarth (Octavians) for the 120 yards hurdles.

Saturday 25th May 1967 East District Championships at New Meadowbank

Edinburgh Southern Harriers retained the Sports Dispatch Trophy in the Inter Club events with a total of 54 points, Edinburgh University had 44, Aberdeen University 33 and Octavians 28.


Saturday 18th May 1968 at Scotstoun

Tony Hogarth won the 120yds hurdles in 14.7, a pleasing time for so early in the year.

Saturday 25th May 1968. East District Championships at Pitreavie

220yds 1. I.Turnbull(Aber.Univ.) 22.3 2. Mike Bathgate(Octavians) 23.2 3. Tommy Tait (Octavians) 23.3 1 mile 1. K.Ballantyne(ESH) 4m.19.6s 2. Adrian Weatherhead(O)4m 20.8s 3.D.Logue(Edin.Univ) 4m 25.5s
120yds hurdles 1. Tony Hogarth(O)14.4 2.A.Murray (ESH) 14.7 3.R.Davidson(Edin.Univ) 15.3
Pole Vault 1. David Stevenson(O) 14’6″ 2.S.Seale(Edin.Univ)13’6″ 3.G.Rule (Heriots) 13’6″
Note this is the first time David Stevenson had competed for Octvians and Seale and Rule were future members.
Long Jump 1.D.Walker(ESH) 22’1″ 2.T.Tangen(HeriotWatt) 21’9 1/2″ 3. Peter Burgess(O) 20’11”
Triple Jump 1.D.Mckechnie(ESH) 44’2″ 2.Bill Golden(O) 43’11” 3. J.Keddie (HeritWatt) 40’9 1/2″

Sunday 2nd June 1968.Scottish Athletic league Meeting at Grangemouth

1. Edinburgh Southern 10, Octavians 8, 2.Bellahouston 6, Shettleston 4, Edinburgh AC 2, Ayr nil.

Saturday 8th June 1968. British Isles Cup at Grangemouth

120yds hurdles 1.Alan Pascoe (E) 14.2 2.Tony Hogarth(S)
,3.A.Berziers(W) 14.8
Pole Vault 1.David Stevenson(S) 14’6″ 2.M.Higdon(E) 14’0″ 3.D.Lease(W) 12’9″

Saturday 15th June 1968 British Universities Championships at Westerlands

Stewart Seale (Edin.Univ.) fotrst in Pole Vault with 13’0″

Saturday 22nd June 1968 SAAA Championships at Grangemouth

Gordon Rule achieved a new British Junior Pole Vault record of 14’7 3/4″

1 mile 1.R.Wilson(RAF) 4m 13.4s 2.N.Morrison(Shettleston) 4m 13.6s 3.Adrian Weatherhead(Octavians) 4m 13.8s
120yds hurdles 1.Tony Hogarth(Octavians) 14.9 2.A.Murray(ESH) 15.00 3.R.Davidson(Edin.Univ)15.4
Long Jump 1. D.Walker(ESH) 24’11 1/4″ 2. G.Muir (Victoria Park) 22’11 1/4″ <strong>3. Peter Burgess(Octavians) 22′ 8 1/4″
Pole Vault 1. David Stevenson(Octavians) 15’1 1/4″ 2.Gordon Rule(Heriots) 13’6″ 3.Ian Dobson(Octavians) 11’6″

High Jump 1.R.Bruynoogle(Edin.Univ) 5’11” 2.D.Guld(Dundee)5’8″ 3.Peter Burgess(Octavians) 5’9″

Unfortunately there are no Glasgow Herald archives editions available from 30th June 1968 to 1st September 1968.
Saturday 7th September 1968 Shotts Highland Games

SAAA 1 mile Medley Relay in which there was the dreadful entry of 4 teams.
1. Bellahouston A 3m 37.8s 2.Bellahouston B 3m 38.4s 3.Octavians 3m 42.9s


Thursday 1st May 1969. Octavians v.Heriot Watt

Wednesday 7th May 1969. Octavians v. Edinburgh AC

Saturday 17th May 1969 Land O’Burns Trophy Meeting at Dam Park, Ayr


Winning team photo: Back row: Donald Burr (team manager), John Turnbull, A.N.Other, Peter Burgess, Tony Hogarth, Mike Bathgate. Front row: Tommy Tait, Stewart Seale, Adrian Weatherhead, Robin Morris.

Back Row: Donald Burr(Team Manager},John Turnbull, Len Penman, Peter Burgess, Tony Hogarth and Mike Bathgate.
Front Row: Tommy Tait, Stewart Searle, Adrian Weatherhead and Robin Morris.

To quote Ron Marshall’s article in the Glasgow Herald:-
Edinburgh Southern Harriers went away from Dam Park, Ayr on Saturday convinced they, and not Octavians, should have won the Land O’Burns Trophy. It is easy see why they thought this but difficult to sympathise with this line of reasoning.
The ruling that forced team managers to declare their competitors 45 minutes before each event, was the root of the trouble. Edinburgh Southern in common with a few of the 11 other competing, were too late in submitting names for the first race, the 440 yards hurdles and so their man, Sandy Robertson had to spectate while Octavians Peter Burgess and Ian Dobson gained nine points for taking second and third place behind Ricky Taylor (Ayr Seaforth}.
The race must have assumed mammoth proportions in the minds of Southern officials as the meeting drew to a close and the final pointages – Octavians 45, Edinburgh Southern Harriers 44, Ayr Seaforth 44 -were given out. There was even a suggestion from the beaten club that they would have to reconsider taking part next year, but we can only hope that they decide to compete again. Without them (holders during the past four years} the standard would suffer a decline’
Pointages for other clubs in the Land O’Burns Trophy were Victoriia Park 37, Bellahouston 26, Shettleston 23, Law 21, Garscube 9, Springburn 7 and Kilmarnock 4.
440yards 1.I Wood(VP) 50.7 2.Peter Burgess(Octavians)
120yds hurdles 1.Tony Hogarth(O) 16.1
440yds hurdles 1.Talor(Ayr) 55.7 2.Burgess(O) 3.Dobson(O)
High Jump 1. Crawford Fairbrother 6’2″ >2.Len Penman(O) 5’10”

Discus 1. Black(ESH) 127’4″ 2.Penman(O) 116’3 1/2″

There was no Trophy meeting in 1970 due to forthcoming Commonwealth Games commitments and 1971 was the last year it was held. In the following years the clubs were now involved in British athletic league fixtures. In 1971 Edinburgh Southern won the trophy for the sixth time in 10 years. 45 years later in 2016 Neil Donachie of Edinburgh AC made enquiries about the whereabouts of the Trophy on behalf of Rickie Taylor of Ayr Seaforth. It is probably in Edinburgh Southern’s trophy room!
Regarding team managers submitting the names of the competitors 45 minutes before the race was no problem for Octavians as their team manager Donald Burr was in Ayr for the weekend staying with his in-laws.

Saturday 24th May 1969 SAAA 1600 metres Medley relay at Scotstoun
The first time the SAAA 1600 metres Medley relay had been run. Victoria Park won in the excellent time of 3min.23.7s that beat the all-comers record of 3min 25.9 set in 1952 by the celebrated Jamaican team who had the 1952 Olympic gold medallists of Arthur Wint and Herb McKinley. Bellahouston were 2nd in 3min.24.5 and Octavians were 3rd in 3min.27.2s-the 6th fastest time for the period 1969 to 1999
Saturday 31st May 1969 East District Championships at Grangemouth
The inter-club contest was won by Edinburgh Southern with 56 points, Edinburgh Univ. 37 and Heriot Watt Univ. 34.
Octavians Tony Hogarth won the 110m. hurdles in 14.9s and team mate Peter Burgess was 3rd in the 400m. in 49.9.
Adrian Weatherhead running for the Heriot Watt was 2nd in the 1500m. in 3m 48.3s only 0.2sec. behind the winner.
Ian Dobson also competing for the Heriot Watt was 1st in the Pole Vault with 11ft.

Saturday 7th June 1969 British Isles Cup at Grangemouth

Tony Hogarth(S) was 2nd in 14.8s in the 110m.hurdles to Stuart Storey whose winning time was 14.6sec.

Saturday 14th June 1969.Scotland v.Midland Counties at Leicester
Peter Burgess(S) was 2nd in the Long Jump with 23’4 1/4″ to the winners 24’4 3/4″
At the British Universities Championships at Motspur Park, Stewart Seale retained the Pole Vault title with 14ft.

Saturday 28th June 1969.SAAA Championships at Grangemouth

Tony Hogarth(O) won the 110m. hurdles in 14.6sec. David Stevenson(O) won the Pole Vault with 14’6 1/2″ and Stewart Seale(Edin.Univ.) was 2nd with 13’1 1/2″.

Sunday 6th July 1969. Edinburgh Southern Trophy Meeting at Grangemouth

From 1st July to 31st August 1969 there are no Heralds on the Paper’s archive.

10th November 1969. Octavians AGM

Donald Burr hands over office of Hon.Secretary to Ian Grant.



Saturday 15th May 1971. Land O’Burns Trophy Meeting at Dam Park, Ayr
Another good tale like 1969, but this time Octavians lost to Southern by one point.
To quote Ron Marshall of the Glasgow Herald’s Athletic correspondent re “Southern’s sixth Burns Trophy win in ten years –
That handsome trophy piece of silverware, the Land O’Burns Trophy, finished up on Saturday in the custody of Edinburgh Souhern Harriers = for the sixth time in 10 years, but with a couple of events remaining, Octavians and Victoria Park, the holders, were obstensibly ahead.
Then it was pointed out to officials that Edinburgh Southern had not been credited with the correct number of points in the 110 metres hurdles, and a quick burst of arithmetic showed that Southern were in the lead. They scored enough points in the relay to stay there, taking the Trophy with 49 points, one</strong ahead of Octavians. Victoria Park had 46, Bellahouston 30, Shettleston 29 1/2 and Ayr Seaforth 25 1/2.
Dam Park, Ayr was no less windswept than apparently the rest of the country’s sports grounds were. Performances had to be judged with that in mind and the man to man element became more significant than the stopwatch.
The presence of Ian McCafferty aroused some interest. With his club looking for precious points in the team contest, the bold McCafferty undertook the day’s most exhausting job – the 800 metres, 15 minutes later the 5000 metres and later in the day the 1500. Fast times , therefore, were out of the question.
Norman Morrison manage to shake off McCafferty and Adrian Weatherhead in the home straight, clocking 1min.57.8sec., but the Law runner , aware of his imminent 5000, may have made just that little bit less of a challenge.
The 5000 was never any trouble to McCafferty, although Hugh Barrow put on a spirited display faced with the third fastest runner in the world. Two laps from home, Mccafferty, tied it up and he finished 30 yards ahead in 14min.53.8s.”
Ron Marshall mentioned a “bitter confrontation occurred in the final of the 400 metres. Ricky Taylor, the local favourite, took what seemed an unreasonably long time to step on to the track, and then needed an individual request from the starter to get to his mark. The five other finalists were already down.
The starter, Mr Fulton, is not given to pausing long between the “set” command and firing and this race was no exception. He fired virtually as Taylor raised his hand to signify things were nor right with him. Mr Fulton paid no attention and allowed the race to get under way and immediately was subjected to a tirade from the athlete. One laconic observer reckoned that Taylor’s spikes were thrown 25 feet in the air.
Mr Fulton was later unrepentant. ” Nobody would have spoken to me like that 25 years ago. I’ve always said these types were peacocks. I’m more convinced after today. This will be the last meeting I’ll be at as a starter. They can find somebody else next time.”