Octavians Lunch 25th May 2016

25th May 2016

Sitting, left to right: Stewart Seale, Adrian Weatherhead, Bob Hay, George Sinclair, John Jones & David Stevenson.
Standing, left to right; Gordon Rule, Colin Balchin, Martin Sinclair, Robin Morris, Neil Patrick, Peter Burgess, Tony Hogarth, Ian Grant, Fraser Proven, George Thomson, John Turnbull, Bill Noble & Robin McKenzie.

Photographs can also be viewed in the July/August edition of the magazine Edinburgh Life (page 6).

About Johnny Jones

Former GB International Decathlete, and Consultant Civil Engineer. On retiring, I decided to write fiction books, and here I am mid-way through my eighties and having just published my third fiction book. Retired from playing Golf, now looking for another hobby to keep me busy. Suggestions welcome!
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1 Response to Octavians Lunch 25th May 2016

  1. Graham Patrick says:

    I know a lot of the people there. I hope you all had a good time


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