Have you got any Photos?

We are please to report that ‘hits’ on this website are increasing year on year, so thank you for making this all worthwhile. It is after all, a website to celebrate past achievements and also to celebrate being part of a special group of people, who took part in athletics because they enjoyed the sport.

There are pages set aside for every single member that we know of, and what is missing is photos of these individuals. If you have photographs and or clippings from the newspapers or family notes, please copy them and send to us here, so that we can start utilising the space allocated for you. They are under 3 headings called Athletes A to H, I to M and N to Z.  Click on the name you want from these lists, of from the drop down menu under each heading, and you have a separate page that needs information filled in. You can have photos, video and as much information as you want in there. If you click on Jack Jones, you will see an example of what can be put in here.

If you have any information about anyone else, can you contact us so that we can post this up to share? If you have fond memories or stories relating to your time with the Octavians, then this could be the place to share them.

New content is what will keep this website interesting to the people who view this site, and photographs are the perfect way to gain more interest too.

Thanks again for your continued support.

About Johnny Jones

Former GB International Decathlete, and Consultant Civil Engineer. On retiring, I decided to write fiction books, and here I am mid-way through my eighties and having just published my third fiction book. Retired from playing Golf, now looking for another hobby to keep me busy. Suggestions welcome!
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