History 1962 – 1971

20th June 1981 – Reunion

Octavians Athletic Club. 1962 – 1971


In 1962, due to falling numbers and the resulting drop in standards being experienced by all of the Former Pupils Athletic Clubs in Edinburgh, representatives of the Clubs met in the Royal Scots Club, in Abercromby Place Edinburgh to discuss the problem.

Representatives from the eight Former Pupils Clubs athletic clubs attended: George Heriot’s School (H), Royal High School (R.H.), Daniel Stewart’s College(D.S.), Trinity Academy (T.A.), George Watson’s College(W.), Edinburgh Academy(E.A.), Boroughmuir High School(B) and Melville College(M).

The outcome of that meeting was that the eight clubs agreed to combine to form one club, Octavians Athletic Club which would allow the new club to compete nationally against all of the Scottish Harrier and open Athletic Clubs

(The name Octavians was suggested by McDonald, a Hammer thrower) to be confirmed.

Initially selection for matches was by invitation, similar to Barbarians Rugby Club selection rules.

Trophies and Successes

The Sporting Dispatch Trophy

The Heads of Ayr Trophy

Scottish Medley Relay Medallists, Shotts Highland Games;  Team 880yds John  Turnbull, 2x 220yds Mike Bathgate, & John Jones, 440yds Ian Mc Callum.


David Jenkins    medalist

David Stevenson

Commonwealth Games

David Jenkins

Ian Grant

John Jones

David Stevenson

UK Internationalists

David Jenkins 200 & 400m 

Bob Hay   440yds hurdles

Adrian Weatherhead 1 mile & 1500m

John Jones Decathlon

Gordon Rule. Pole Vault

David Stevenson – Pole Vault

Frank Dick  800yds  (Indoor)

Scottish Internationalists

Donald McKenzie Javelin

Hunter Mabon    Decathlon

Bob Hay               440yds Hurdles

Frazer Proven    120yds High Hurdles

Tony Hogarth      120yds High Hurdles

David Jenkins    200 & 400m

Stewart Seale – Pole Vault

David Stevenson – Pole Vault

Adrian Weatherhead   1500m

John Jones               Decathlon

Gordon Rule.           Pole Vault

Ian Grant                Decathlon 1970 Commonwealth Games

Frank Dick              800m

 District, Scottish and U.K. Champions. – to be researched further.



Sprints up to 440yds: Tommy Tait, Stewart Seale & Alan Ovens (D.S.),  Mike Bathgate (W.) ; Gordon Ellis (M.); David & Roger Jenkins(E.A.);  Norrie Patterson & ‘Podge’ Irvine (B.) Andrew Britee (R.H.); Bob Hay (H.); Robin McKenzie Bill Johnston, Derek Richards & John Jones (T.A.)

Hurdles: Fraser Proven (D.S.), Tony Hogarth & Bob Hay (H.) John Jones (T.A.)

Middle Distance: Frank Dick (R.H.);Donald Burr, Ian McCallum & Adrian Weatherhead (D.S.) John Turnbull (T.A), Martin & Ronnie Sinclair (E.A), Robin Morris, Alastair Patrick , Jim Waugh & Douglas & Alan McNish(W.); Iain Craig (T.A); Duncan Brown (W.)

Throws: Hunter Mabon (H); Jim & Ian Drummond (H); George Thomson & Donald McKenzie & Lawrie Nisbet(W.); Bill Noble & Brian Suddaby(B.); John Jones (T.A.); Jack Anderson (D.S) Ian McDonald???

Jumps: Johnny Douglas (B.), Bill Murray & Douglas Flett (R.H.), Gordon Rule (H); John Jones (T.A.);  Ian Henderson, Ian Grant  & Peter Burgess (W.), Bill Golden (T.A.)

Decathlon and Multi-eventers: John Jones (T.A); Hunter Mabon (H); Peter Burgess & Ian Grant(W.); Bob Hay (H.)

Officials: Jim Patrick (W.) (President), George Sinclair (H) (President), Roy Wilkie (T.A) (Treas.); Jimmy & George Johnston(W.), Jim Craigie, Stuart Laird and H.T.L.Wilson (T.A.); Alex Ireland(D.S.), Ivan Tait(D.S.), Francis Robertson(D.S.), Bert Logan(R.H.), Rab Foreman(R.H.), Time-keepers: Mike Weir, Lord Milligan (H.) Starter; Alexander M Jones (T.A.)

Post script

The Club became a victim of its own success, as the team was principally made up of District and National Champions and both Scottish and G.B. Internationals, as a result youngsters found that they could not get into the team; so they went elsewhere.

The Club folded in 1971 then, after providing two trophies – one in the form of a baton for the Octavian Relays  at Grangemouth, the other a Sword to be awarded annually at the Carnethy Hill Race meeting ( won by club member Robin Morris) – the members used all that was left of the club’s funds  on a grand dinner in the Carlton Hotel Edinburgh.

In 1981 a ‘reunion’ contest was held at Myreside ; a report with a photograph of those present was published  in the Scotsman.

5 Responses to History 1962 – 1971

  1. dougflett says:

    hi Robin; thanks for your call … 1962 was also the start of the ’62 Club’ with FPs from the same schools playing Sunday cricket and a July tour in England. The 62 Club are celebrating a 50th anniversary event this August at Royal Burgess.

  2. Robin M. says:


    Members – Middle Distance – add Iain Craig (TA) + there was a Duncan Brown (W) ?, Officials – Mike Weir is (W), What happened to “Bill Golden” (Helen’s brother) ? George Sinclair will know.


    Robin M.

    • Bill Golden says:

      Bill Golden is alive and well, retired, and living in Tranent, I don’t jump anymore, but then I never jumped very well in the first place.

  3. Alex Ward says:

    Good to hear it Bill!

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